ATS provides high quality translation services in
   every language in the world, specializing in the
   following languages:

   ◊ Chinese ◊ Japanese ◊ Korean ◊ Spanish
   ◊ Russian ◊ Hmong ◊ Khmer ◊ Vietnamese
   And all the European languages.

   ATS's translation services cover all fields, including:

   ◊ financial (reports, forecasts, audits, etc)
   ◊ legal (certificates, regulations, laws, etc)
   ◊ marketing (brochures, posters, ads, etc)
   ◊ technical (manuals, IFUs, specs, drawings, etc)  
   ◊ medical (tests, lab reports, consent forms, etc)
   ◊ corporate (communications, HR,newsletters, etc)
   ◊ government (regulations, laws, rulings, etc)
   ◊ immigration (certified and notarized for USCIS)

   ATS's selected translators for each special field
   has received sufficient academic training to know
   the terminology in the source and target languages
   well. Everyone working for ATS is a native speaker
   with at least a bachelor's degree and 5 years'
   experiences in translation.

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