ATS provides high-quality services in typesetting
  and graphic design. The goal of such services is to
  give our customers' documents an appealing look
  so that our customers can win their customers'
  heart with a gentle flip of the document designed
  by ATS.

  ATS always keeps itself abreast of every
  development in computer technology and graphics
  design. Such attention to and investment in
  computer technology give us the ability to satisfy
  our customers' every little demand for document
  design that computer technology can provide.
  Besides the omnipresent MS Office, we also
  possess the latest versions of all the popular
  DTP programs:

  ◊  QuarkXpress     ◊  InDesign    ◊  FrameMaker
Illustrator       ◊  Photoshop     ◊  CorelDraw

   And many, many more. If you have any special need,
  call us to find out what other software we use.

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